The Clarity Reader and Clariscan™ App have been designed for next generation Lateral Flow (LF) tests that require high-resolution, multi-analyte, quantitative analysis.

Laboratory quality analysis in a handheld, wireless, portable device with internal rechargeable battery.

Clarity Reader

Clarity LF Test

Designed to meet UK IVDD and EU IVDR.

Bluetooth or wired connection to Android mobile phones and tablets (iOS in development), or to a PC, making it suitable for both point-of-care and laboratory testing.

Broad compatibility with lateral flow device size and shape; read up to three LF strips simultaneously for multiplex testing.

Customisable App with optional Cloud database transmission and storage.

Suitable for a range of applications/industries including:

  • Human clinical diagnostics
  • Veterinary testing
  • Agricultural herd health and productivity
  • R&D and quality control

The Reader is particularly suitable for use in geographically dispersed locations such as rural clinics, where it can easily be used for testing patients by local staff, with results delivered immediately to regional hospitals.

Clarity Reader and Clariscan App™

Clarity Smartphone

We have developed LF tests for both clinical and veterinary applications and have the skills, experience and facilities to work with you to get your LF test running on the Clarity Reader.

Additionally, we are currently developing readers for home, personal use and high throughput applications.

Please contact us for further details.